Wax Planet Obsidian 50ml


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Obsidian Super Gloss is a wax for the ultimate show gloss experience.

Outstanding wet look gloss levels can easily be achieved using this easy to use wax.

Obsidian has over four times the amount of gloss enhancers than any other wax we produce.

For ease of use apply very thinly using a damp applicator, short cure time followed by a short pile microfibre to remove. Buff to a high gloss finish with a deeper pile cloth


Wax Planet

Wax Planet is one of the UK's leading luxury car wax retailers, specialising in contemporary car wax, wheel wax and accessories. The founder of Wax Planet, opened his first online shop in March 2015 to enhance new business for his employer. He nurtured the concept of quality customer service and innovative deals alongside quality car care products, introducing Wax Planet a line of true luxury car wax for the very first time to the UK. With a portfolio of products for detailing, detailers, valeters, and home users. Wax Planet will grow rapidly with resellers stores opening online every month. Wax Planet continuously strives for excellence, sourcing key pieces from the world’s most iconic raws materials suppliers. Resellers, The cool, responsive and minimal websites of the chosen online reseller stores allow each carefully selected wax to have their own identity within that store, reflecting the company’s philosophy in the importance of individualism and attention to detail. By providing impeccable customer service in a unique setting, Wax Planet has created a benchmark for luxury online car care retailing. Hoping to be an established worldwide online luxury car care retailer, Wax Planet website has been designed as an extension of an already successful business, offering iconic car waxes and more. With the latest wax now at your fingertips, it has never been easier to perfect your shine.
Wax Planet


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