Wax Planet Microfibre Wash Granules 1kg

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Wax Planets Microfibre Wash Granules will revive your microfibre cloths, drying towels and polishing pads .

Add 1-2 scoops with the included spatula direct with the towels to be cleaned and wash at 40 degrees for best results

Do not add fabric softener when cleaning any microfibre products.


1 review for Wax Planet Microfibre Wash Granules 1kg

  1. 19stevenm89

    I was very curious about this produc as I love the Wax Planet brand for a few of my go to products. I tried this at the weekend and I wasn’t impressed with it. I feel like my microfibre cloths and especially my drying towels feel a bit more stiff and not as soft as they were previously. I also don’t feel like it completely removed the products from my microfibres as I can still smell it from them. I prefer to use a liquid rather than the granules for cleaning microfibres.

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