Vonixx Blend Carnaúba Silica Spray Wax 473ml

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Vonixx gathered two raw materials in one formula to create a super product with spectacular results.

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Carnaúba wax is known for providing a warm shine to the vehicle´s paint. Due to the market evolution, there is a growing trend focusing on silica-based products, mainly because of the resistance achieved. Concerned about making a product that provides the Carnaúba wax shine and resistance of ceramic compounds, Vonixx thought about gathering these two raw materials in only one formula to create a super product and, after months of research and hundreds of tests, we achieved a spectacular result: BLEND CARNAÚBA SILICA SPRAY WAX. This development has started from our purest type 1 Brazilian Carnaúba wax in which we are a reference, and it was united to what is the most modern in the ceramic coating world. Besides, features like shine, resistance, and easiness to reach extraordinary results with protection that lasts up to 4 months make BLEND CARNAÚBA SILICA SPRAY WAX something unique in the market.


  1. Shake the product well before use.
  2. After washing the vehicle, spray a small amount of the product in the paint, maintaining a distance of 20cm in an area not exceeding 60cm x 60cm.
  3. Without letting it dry, finish using a clean and dry microfiber towel until the desired gloss.
  4. Continue making the process until the full completion of the vehicle.

Note: In case of stains, repeat steps 2 and 3.

1 review for Vonixx Blend Carnaúba Silica Spray Wax 473ml

  1. martin crewe

    The label says spray a small amount of product on to the paint surface then without letting it dry finish using a clean microfiber towel until the desired gloss. ( basically spray on wipe/buff off) and Protection that lasts upto 4 months!

    I followed the labels directions. A couple of light mists onto the section/panel was enough to cover the area (bonnet) a few seconds later it was wiped off and no need for a second buff or wipe. But believe me a mist/spray then wipe off was enough for great gloss levels and this was even on a silver car.. Which in some cases can be hard to show depth of gloss ..

    The car has had the silica spray on it for around 3 weeks now and is still going great.. Beading well and the water sheeting/behaviour is excellent. Such an easy to use product and with the added protection levels of upto 4 months its seems to me to be a no brainer if you are looking a good spray wax!

    I would happily recommend this product and will certainly be continuing to use it and will be my go to spray wax for sure..

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