Vonixx Blend Carnaúba Silica Paste Wax 100ml


Blend – The best of Carnaúba wax with silica technology

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Carnaúba wax is known for providing a warm shine to the vehicle´s paint. Due to the market evolution, there is a growing trend focusing on silica-based products, mainly because of the resistance achieved. Concerned about making a product that provides the Carnaúba wax shine and strength of ceramic coating basis compounds Vonixx thought about gathering these two raw materials in only one formula.

Vonixx created a super product and, after months of research and hundreds of tests, reached a spectacular result: BLEND CARNAÚBA SILICA PASTE WAX. This development has started from our purest type 1 Brazilian Carnaúba wax in which we are a reference in the market. Vonixx gathered cutting-edge silica-based products, and a protection film created to actively repel water, making the drops roll like spheres on the vehicle’s paint. Besides, features like shine, resistance, and easiness to reach extraordinary results with protection that lasts up to 7 months make BLEND CARNAÚBA SILICA PASTE WAX something unique in the market.


  1. Wash the vehicle;
  2. Apply the product with a foam applicator making uniform movements;
  3. Wait from 5 to 10 minutes;
  4. Remove the product with a microfibre cloth, until the desired shine is achieved;
  5. A second layer of the product will provide better protection and a brighter shine.



Vonixx has been operating since 2005 as a manufacturer and developer of car care products. It is located in Brazil, in the state of Ceará, which is the largest producer of carnaúba in the world. Vonixx is implemented in an area of 121.000 sq. ft. and has its own laboratory, as well as a committed and well-trained team. All these characteristics are set to ensure excellence and quality in its products. It started its operation under the name Quimiflex and with its growth, it underwent through a process of rebranding, leading to the creation of Vonixx. One of the company’s specialties is the production of waxes, especially the ones based on carnaúba. Carnaúba has a strong connection with Vonixx, since 1944, Mr. Félix Ferreira Sampaio, the great-grandfather of Vonixx’s CEO and founder – Paulo Henrique Sampaio Nobre – already cultivated carnaúba trees on his farm, located in the municipality of Morada Nova, Ceará, Brazil. Carnaúba wax was so important to the family that the farm was named Caraúbas, which was the name of the tree at the time. The farm continues being productive until the present date and it still produces, annually, palm leaves for the production of carnaúba wax. In addition to the carnaúba-based products, Vonixx has a complete line of automotive detailing products. Its main purpose is to manufacture high-quality, easy-to-use products that deliver amazing results, to incite the consumer to take care of their car.


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