TAC Systems Iron Zero 500ml


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Iron Zero is designed to effortlessly remove iron filings and rust particles from paint surfaces, glass and wheels. It is a transparent, acid-free and pH-balanced liquid, which turns to purple when comes into contact with iron and rust particles. 

Iron Zero is highly suitable and effective on automotive paint and ideally all types of rims: Alloy, Chrome, Metal, High-gloss polished and painted. It helps to restore the paintwork of the surfaces too! With our PH-Balances formula, Iron Zero does it work without harming the rims! 

1. Clean surface. Shake bottle well. 
2. Spray generously and leave for 2~5 minutes. 
3. Agitate with sponge or wheel brush if needed. 
4. Rinse thoroughly with water. Best using a powerful hose or pressure washer.
Iron Zero should not be used on bare metal parts, brake calipers, wheel balancing weights, ceramic brakes or SMART paint repairs. 
Do not let Iron Zero dry on any surface. 
Do not work under the sunlight. 


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