TAC System Acute Sense Leather Protectant 500ml


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Product Description: Acute Sense is a versatile coating for reconditioning and protection of old and new leather surfaces. It consist of 20% Silica, a mixture of both solidify and curing (Not SiO2). Acute Sense can form a protective barrier onto any leather surface.

Product Benefits: Acute Sense can keep the leather soft and supple. It also prevents discoloration, aids against harmful UV-rays and bacteria that build up on the leather surface. Additionally it contains a water repellent layer. Acute Sense can be applied to any types of leather.

Common Uses: Leather

Application Directions
1. Prepare surface with Leather cleaner
2. Shake product well
3. Apply directly onto terry cloth or MF applicator, thoroughly massage onto the surface
4. Remove excess coating with a soft MF towel
5. Repeat process for old and neglected leather

Tips / Alternate Uses: Excellent choice for protecting leather motorcycle saddle bags, purses, wallets, and other types of items made out of leather!


TAC System

TAC System


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