Sonax Profiline ExCut 05-05 1L

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Coarse abrasive paste for orbital polisher processing, for sanding down scratched or locally sanded paint layers.

Powerful cut – 5 with high gloss level – 5.

  • Powerful removal rate with a simultaneous high gloss level
  • Removes sanding marks up to P1500
  • Removes deep scratches as well as corrosion from bird droppings, insects and tree sap
  • Silicone free and low in dust




1 review for Sonax Profiline ExCut 05-05 1L

  1. Hakim

    Sonax excut 05-05 is an amazing 1step compound has severe haze and sanding marks on our car door Audi hard paint took them out very easy and leaves a very good gloss

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