Optimum Metal Polish 227g


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Optimum Metal Polish is a unique all-in-one metal polish AND sealant that can be used by hand or by machine to quickly remove oxidation, scratches and swirl marks from any metal surface while leaving behind a layer of polymer protection to help prevent future oxidation.

Optimum Metal Polish uses sub-micron polishing agents and chemical cleaners. These extremely fine particles are highly effective at polishing the surface down to enable a mirror finish.

For hand application, apply Optimum Metal Polish to a terry cloth and buff the metal surface in circular and/or back and forth motions until the black oxidation is dissolved away. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to restore the original luster.

For machine application, apply Optimum Metal Polish to a buffing pad and polish until the black oxidation is dissolved. Use a terry cloth to remove the oxidation.


Optimum Polymer

Optimum Polymer Technologies, the manufacturer of Optimum Car Care Products , was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 01, 2001 by Dr. David Ghodoussi. Prior to this, Dr. Ghodoussi worked for over 12 years as an Organic Chemist overseeing research and development focused in polymers and automotive paint formulations. Dr. Ghodoussi received his Ph.D. and Master's degrees in Polymer and Organic Chemistry from Oregon State University and his MBA from University of Memphis. He also holds Bachelor's of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and in Chemistry from the University of California in Santa Barbara. Our mission is to provide superior car care products and services that enhance the beauty and extend the life of automotive surfaces to maximize value and driving pleasure. Furthermore, we strive to offer products that are safe for our customers and the environment.
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