Moore Dual Action Foam Pad Polishing White

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The Dual Action polishing pads from Moore CarCare have been developed for Dual Action machines with a larger throw of 7 to 21 mm. These pads are available from 35 mm and are therefore also very suitable for mini polishers.

Moore CarCare polishing pads are provided with a sturdy velcro backing with strong bonding and can even be used on the heavy-duty Dual Action Polishers with a 21 mm rash.


  • Unique polishing experience
  • The sloping shape of the pad ensures optimal contact
  • The eye in the middle provides extra cooling and ensures that the pad does not implode.
  • Suitable for Dual Action machines

Available Grades:

  • Yellow  – Heavy Cutting Pad: Use this pad for heavy polishing on harder paints (step 1)
  • Orange  – Medium Cutting: Use this pad to remove medium scratches on a medium lacquer (step 1)
  • White – Polishing Pad: Use this path for a 2nd step in the polishing process (step 2)
  • Black  – Finishing Pad: Use this pad to finish the paint (step 3)
Available Sizes:
  • 35/50 mm
  • 55/70 mm
  • 85/100 mm
  • 135/150 mm
  • 165/180 mm


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