Leather Repair Company Gel Degreaser

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The Gel Degreaser is widely used to remove a multitude of grease stains, like body oils, head grease, sweat, grime, animal oils and body fluids, air freshener spots and so much more. It works by drawing out the grease to the surface as works, it’s a medium-thickness paste, that’s applied and allowed to dry to a white powder, where its removed grease the top surface will dry a green/brown colour, this is the grease that been drawn out of the leather. Its commonly used by professionals around the world to remove head grease, hand grease, food grease and oils.

The gel degreaser can be used a large number of leathers and items, from clothing to car interiors, furniture to handbags, shoes to tabletops and so much more. For best results, once the gel degreaser has been applied and it’s lifted the grease out and its colour has changed use a vacuum to vacuum away the powder. By vacuuming this will draw the balance of the grease out of the leather, it’s always best to do the application twice to remove all traces of grease.


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