Koch Chemie PS Premium Plastic Care 1L


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The premium product in the area of plastic care products. Maintains and protects over months and is extremely UV-stable. The treated parts regain their original new semi-matt appearance thanks to a special care components system (wax-silicone dispersion), which bonds firmly with the treated surface. Stops door seals from freezing. The extremely long service life, fast and simple use and a pleasant fragrance make Plast Star into an unbeatable product. Optimally suited for tyres and rubber parts as well.

Areas of use
External plastic and rubber parts, tyres, door seals, etc.

Recommendations for use
Shake well before using. Use a sponge to apply evenly to the clean, dry surfaces, rub in thoroughly and leave to dry completely.

Do not use on surfaces where slipperiness is undesirable, eg pedals, steering wheel, tyres. Before using, check suitability and compatibility.


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