Koch Chemie FSE Quick Detailer 10L

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Quick detailer with limescale remover.

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All-around detailing spray for fast care of all external vehicle surfaces such as paintwork, glass and plastics. With its special formula, even stubborn limescale stains are removed quickly and without leaving any residue. Cleans, maintains and preserves in a single step. Depth of colour is returned leaving a smooth brilliant high gloss free from streaks. Finish Spray exterior is quickly removed, is easy to use and protects the surfaces against new dirt.

Areas of use
External surfaces of vehicles (paintwork, glass, plastic)

Recommendations for use
Use the spray bottle to apply evenly to the areas to be treated and polish off with a Profi microfibre cloth.

Do not use in vehicle interiors or on acid-sensitive surfaces. Do not use on hot surfaces. Before using, check suitability and compatibility.


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