In2Detailing Hornet Foam Lance




NEW ‘Hornet’ Foam Lance with 1L Bottle 

  • –  Premium Quality Foam Lance with 1L Bottle
  • –  Full Brass internals ensure this is not only the most reliable Foam Lance available, but will also outlast and out perform competitors Foam Lances
  • –  Large range of fittings. We know everyone doesn’t only have a Nilfisk of Karcher, so we have stocked the large range of fittings for you to choose from
  • –  Compatible with any foam or shampoo on the market.
  • –  NEW – Twist Knob at the front can not only change spray fan width but can also CHANGE SPRAY ORIENTATION – From Horizontal to Vertical
  • –  Twist knob at the top allows you to easily adjust the mixture strength
  • –  Please note, PTFE tape will be required to seal and threads



in2detailing stock a wide range of products for all your car care needs, including the famous Drinker towel and a range of high quality affordable Korean microfibre cloths.


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