IK 1.5 MULTI Hand Pressure Sprayer IK1.5MULTI

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This sprayer is suitable for most industrial purposes. Made of special, high-resistance materials for use with various chemicals. All seals incorporated in this range are viton.

  • New ergonomic design (pump handle, trigger).
  • Wide filling mouth.
  • Safety valve works at 2.5 bars with possibility for easy decompression.
  • Easy to disassemble for maintenance.
  • Connector to adapt a wide range of nozzles and accessories
  • 1x flat fan grey nozzle

IK Multi sprayers are specially manufactured with highly resistant materials designed to be compatible with chemical agents commonly used in the world of professional cleaning and disinfection, construction, automotive and all industrial workshops.

2 reviews for IK 1.5 MULTI Hand Pressure Sprayer IK1.5MULTI

  1. Hakim (verified owner)

    very good quality sprayer i prefer using the fan spray for applying pre washes altho it does run out quick. The sprayer is far better value then buying the cheap ones

  2. funkyjames07 (verified owner)

    Fantastic sprayer. Sturdy well built product. Not sure how pumps I used to build up the pressure but you will soon realise when you are there or over the pressure when the little release valve pops and you hear that hiss. It comes with 2 different little heads but I’m honestly not 100 percent sure about the spare one as I was happy using the one that is already on it. You can twist/turn/adjust the heads to get different spray patterns

    I use mime for citrus pre wash. But I’m sure there are lots of uses and applications useful for one of these.

    I.E suitable for cleaning cars, upholstery and carpet. Ideal for disinfecting washrooms, kitchens and food areas. Corrosion-Proof Plastic Tank Fan Jet & Roto-Power Nozzles Thumb Trigger Acid & Alkaline-Resistant etc etc. I would not hesitate to recommend this product

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