GYEON Q2 Tire 400ml


Durable silica-enriched rubber coating for tyres and exterior trims.

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Gyeon Q² Tire is a unique rubber coating comprising dimethylsiloxane polymers suspended in a base of hydrotreated light distillates. These distillates serve as a bonding agent, as they are able to penetrate the rubber and adhere to it, forming an ideal surface for the dimethylsiloxane polymers to bond to. Once applied, these polymers condense rapidly to form a flexible silica-based coating that bonds to the rubber at the molecular level. The viscosity of the carrier gel enables precise application and minimises the risk of sling being thrown off on to adjacent body panels. Treated tyres retain a dark satin-looking finish that lasts wash after wash for many weeks on end.


For best results, tyres to be treated with Gyeon Q² Tire must be spotlessly clean and completely dry before use; we recommend scrubbing them with Gyeon Q²M TireCleaner as part of the preparation process. Only 2-3 squirts of Gyeon Q² Tire are required per tyre, and these should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible using a Foam Applicator Pad. Once applied, leave it to dry fully for 1-2 hours before driving. If this is not possible, wipe each tyre down gently with a Utility Towel to remove any excess and minimise the risk of sling. Alternatively, to speed up the drying time and maximise the coating’s durability, you may wish to force cure it with a heat gun.


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