Dr Leather’s Advanced Leather Wipes (40 Pack)

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A disposable microfibre cloth that was initially impregnated with the cleaner and then afterwards could be used to collect and wipe off the loosened dirt and soiling.

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Dr Leather’s Advanced Leather Wipes

Where a synthetic disposable microfibre wipe has been pre-impregnated with the cleaner and allows not only for easy application of the cleaner but also then acts as a micro-fibre cloth that will collect the loosed dirt.

We should state at this point though that they are not suited to suede or nubuck leathers, which are made in a different way and as such require a different type of cleaner and cleaning technique.

All our cleaning products have the following benefits:

  • Created by Leather Technologists for modern leathers
  • Gently cleans the all-important coating of the leather
  • Restores the original feel and look to the leather
  • Unique chemistry recreates the new leather aroma
  • Top-coat friendly aqueous based pH neutral formulation
  • Bio-degradable and non-toxic formulation
  • Silicone-free to ensure no slippery, shiny surfaces
A lot of other companies today offering leather cleaning solutions typically offer two products that work in synergy, being (i) a leather cleaner and (ii) a leather conditioner. The hassle of applying the cleaner, with a special cloth, allowing time for the cleaner to work, before it can be cleaned off which is then rewarded by the rather odd fact that you have to recondition the leather in a secondary stage is really rather old school. In truth this situation is completely unnecessary in this day and age, particularly with modern day leathers. It really would appear to be a ploy by certain companies to sell twice as much product!!!! For this reason our products are clearly a winner.But don’t just take our word for it. Many detailing companies are now realising this and have began to move across to our product. They have fully understood and appreciated that the Dr Leather Liquid Cleaner or our Dr Leather Wipes products actually give the following benefits: A far simpler, more time effective solution to the usual two-stage products, allowing the detailer to save money in a faster cleaning procedure and only having to control the need for a single all-in-one product. A genuine polymer formulation specific to the modern day leather coatings, and which specifically avoids the use of any silicone based materials. Easy to dispose of wipes, avoiding the need for multiple cleaning cloths, which require regular washing.

And finally we should mention that we have incorporated the traditional leather aroma from veg tanned leathers, as part of the polymer formulation for rejuvenating the leather to that brand new leather smell. This aroma was checked with a number of ‘old-school’ tanners to make sure the smell was just right.

Usage Guidelines

Our Leather Wipes are very easy to use. Life is complicated enough, and we certainly don’t want to add to that list of complications!!! Please make sure you follow these instructions of use:

1. Ensure the seat is free from major soiling or debris.
2. Open the resealable cap in the lid of the tub.
3. Pull out a leather wipe, and tear along the perforated section.
4. Close the resealable cap.
5. Apply the wipe in a circular motion, turning the wipe regularly.
6. Once the wipe is too heavily soiled with dirt that it has removed use a new wipe.
7. Allow the leather to dry naturally for 5 minutes after application.
8. Final wiping off with a clean cloth is optional, but not necessary.

And that is all that is required!!! Typically we are seeing approximately 15 wipes used for a family sized sedan vehicle with full leather interior. If your leather is in poor condition, then you may need to use more wipes on the first cleaning and repeat as necessary.

We also recommend testing the wipes on an inconspicuous area before using. The majority of leathers are made all to a high standard, but we do know of instances where cheaper products have unfortunately been made with rather inferior made leathers, which will be damaged whatever type of cleaner is used.


Dr Leather

Having been involved in the leather industry for over two decades, we can offer direct, and to the point, products and services to genuinely assist tanners, factories, brands, aftermarket businesses and consumers in their needs. Here's what you can expect from us: -No complex psycho babble jargon to baffle people. -Only products that can meet our very high expectations. -Genuine interest in supporting our growing customer base. -Ensuring you get fast and accurate service, with MBA level quality. We want you to enjoy this rather fresh approach to website content. Life is complicated - let us help you keep it simple and straight forwards. Welcome to the world of leather!!!!!!
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2 reviews for Dr Leather’s Advanced Leather Wipes (40 Pack)

  1. tyusaf (verified owner)

    If you have a shiny steering wheel with 20 years of dirt, one of these wipes will make it look new.

    Used these before and ordered more from County. Very strong but safe leather wipes. For the first clean, you’ll use one wipe per seat and steering wheel. After that, one wipe will do the front seats and steering wheel, and another for the rear seats.

  2. rleigh20 (verified owner)

    These work well and leave a nice factory finish, not used wipes for leather before but i’ll be buying them again. Top product

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