Detail Factory Mini Ultra Soft & Boars Hair Set – Black/Red

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The Detail Factory Mini Crevice brush sets have shorter, stiffer bristles designed to reach into cracks and crevices and “dig” out dirt and grime.

The black Ultra-Soft synthetic bristles are best used around scratch-prone automotive surfaces, such as “Piano black” interior panels found in many modern cars. The blonde boar bristle brush, while still safe for most surfaces, is very stiff and best for stubborn cracks and crevices that just won’t come clean.

Instrument and infotainment panels that need dusting and cleaning, where the Detail Factory standard detail brushes may be too large, are another great area for the Crevice Brush Set. Use the Crevice Brush Set to clear away years of dried wax and polish around emblems and badges.

Like all the Detail Factory brushes, the ergonomically designed and balanced handles allow you to clean longer, safer, and more comfortable than with other detailing brushes on the market.

Both handles measure ~11.5cm and the brush heads are ~2.3cm in height, ~2cm in diameter.


Detail Factory

Detail Factory designs, tests, and manufactures premium detailing products for professionals and enthusiasts alike.  Our focus is on creating innovative tools that fill a market need and outperform the competition.


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