AutoGlanz Valet+ All Purpose Cleaner APC

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A highly versatile All Purpose Cleaner that is safe to use on many surfaces such as delicate alloy, interior and exterior plastics, fabrics and paintwork at dedicated dilutions ratios. Designed to offer great cleaning power and not break the bank while still maintaining the quality you expect from AutoGlanz.

Trade APC can be diluted at 5:1 for heavy soiling, or up to 100:1 for light soiling.

Directions for use:

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray directly on to the area to be cleaned, allow to dwell for a few moments and agitate with a soft brush if necessary.
  3. Wipe residue away with a clean microfibre cloth on interior trims or swill with water on exterior panels. When light interior cleaning you may find it easier to simply apply directly to a microfibre towel and wipe down the lightly soiled area.

Dilution Guides

Dilute as necessary with water. The APC is totally LPS safe when diluted correctly so can also be used safely as a pre cleaner/target cleaner.

Heavy soiling 25-50:1

Medium soiling 100:1

Light soiling 200:1 +


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