AutoGlanz Smooth Velvet Quick Detailer

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Highly versatile spray wax that can be used as a quick detailer, waterless wash, clay bar lubricant or a rinse aid.



AutoGlanz Smooth Velvet is a water-based, Quick Detailer & Spray Wax that is packed to the brim full of the highest grade T1 Carnauba wax, liquid polymers and curable silicone specifically formulated to boast maximum gloss levels, unbelievable water behaviour and the ultimate in streak free finishing.

The curable polymers within AutoGlanz Smooth Velvet mean durability is surprisingly high for a Quick Detailer Spray, typically offering durability that would rival some dedicated spray sealants on the market.

The finishing touches can sometimes be the most pleasing in the detailing trade and Quick Detailing is no exception, the final touch to that deep lustrous shine. Here at Autoglanz we believe protection should be added to your vehicles paintwork at every given chance, a high quality Quick Detailer Spray Wax Sealant (QD) is one of the easiest and most pleasing ways to do so.

Applications couldn’t be simpler, a sparing mist or two of AutoGlanz Smooth Velvet onto the panel to be treated, a quick wipe with a plush or pinpoint microfibre to spread the product over the complete panel then simply buff to a high shine finish with a fresh, clean, double ply, plush microfibre towel.

AutoGlanz Smooth Velvet can also be used as a waterless wash, rinse aid and even a clay bar lube if desired at dedicated dilution levels.

1 review for AutoGlanz Smooth Velvet Quick Detailer

  1. Hakim

    Really nice qd doesn’t take much 1-2 sprays per panel adds an incredible amount of gloss and is very durable iv had around 3 months durability it 1 bottle will last ages

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