AutoGlanz Bug Off Citrus Bug & Grime Remover

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Citrus based, wax safe, highly effective, ready-to-use bug and grime removal gel



AutoGlanz Bug Off is a citrus based, wax safe car bug remover that has been specially formulated to be supplied ready for use with advanced thickening agents designed to cling to the surface once applied.


One thing we dislike here at AutoGlanz is bug splatter, covering the front end of your pride and joy, more often than not proving tricky to remove safely. Whilst aggressive cleaners and abrasion from the likes of magic sponges or bug removal sponges may well remove the dreaded splatter you will also find they remove most, if not all, of the protective wax coating you have worked so hard to apply to your vehicle. So we came up with an effective yet safe solution, Bug Off our dedicated and best bug remover.

The advanced thickening formula of AutoGlanz Bug Off means that when it has been applied to a surface it dwells for longer than traditional bug and grime removers. This means it has more time to act against contamination such as stubborn marks, bug splatter and mouldy growths that are present on the paintwork. This prolonged dwell time allows the advanced citrus formula more contact time with the contamination so it dissolves and can be washed away during your regular shampoo wash.

AutoGlanz Bug Off also contains a biocidal additive that ensures your vehicle is not just visually clean but any mould spores are killed off which has a positive impact on restricting any fresh mould growth.

The vibrant natural orange colour of AutoGlanz Bug Off means that you are able to easily identify where the product has been applied, this coupled with the thicker formulation means that you only use the amount required to get the job done.



AutoGlanz are a fairly young but fast growing car care company based in Mid Wales UK. With almost two decades of hands on experience in the car care and refinishing industry we have a wealth of knowledge to share with our customers. All Autoglanz employees are petrol heads at heart and strive to achieve perfection as a way of life. The factory and office building are the heart of Autoglanz, from manufacturing, development and research of the products right through to warehousing and administration we manage each step of the process by hand.Autoglanz was established originally in 2013 with an aim to develop some of the best cleaning and detailing chemicals available on the market without the hefty 'scene tax' and released to the public in mid 2015. We like to do things a little different here rather than going with the grain, the market is quite saturated when it comes to different brands but we like to think we can offer something unique, with our slightly 'out there' approach to the industry. With experience in other bespoke automotive sectors, it's fair to say there is a lot more to come from the AG family than world class detailing products and waxes, watch this space!

9 reviews for AutoGlanz Bug Off Citrus Bug & Grime Remover

  1. gmdetails

    Big remover has been unbeaten as my ‘go to’ bug remover for the past two years now and is still ongoing!!

    Why?, couple of sprays of the gel like liquid simply ‘dissolves’ bug leftovers and streaks leaving a touchless clean preventing possible scratches with the skeletal remains, blasts off with pressure washer usually without a second application.

  2. Derek

    Unparalled level of cleaning power. Couple of sprays, let it dwell for a minute and then blast off with the pressure washer = job done

    Honesty my goto bug remover. Doesn’t smell too bad either

  3. billy.younger (verified owner)

    Good, effective bug remover. Spray and allow to dwell for a few minutes, you can see it melting off the bugs in front of your eyes, quick blast with pressure washer and jobs done.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    Wasn’t really sure how this would be different to a good citrus pre wash. But I must say it far surpasses them in terms of bug removal. More of a gel like consistency allows it to dwell and break down deposits. I was able to remove all the bugs with a pressure washer

  5. Jake Cheshire (verified owner)

    Fantastic bug remover! Clings really well onto the bug guts and you can see it melting away ready to safely rinsed away. Perfect product for summer season!

  6. Graham Holderness (verified owner)

    Great bug & grime remover. Spray on , leave a minute, a little agitation may be required for stubborn marks. Foams up really well and has good cleaning power. This is my new go to cleaner for my Adventure motorcycle.

  7. Matt (verified owner)

    Very good product, spray leave and jet wash off – bugs gone!

  8. Andrew Apperley (verified owner)

    Great bug remover. Just spray on and leave for a couple of minutes and then wash off

  9. WR07DAN (verified owner)

    I thought a decent apc is all you need to get rid of those bugs, but this is just better longer dwel time. Bargain for the price

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