Reward Points

How does it work?
All you have to do to earn rewards is setup an account on our website and place orders.

What can I earn?
For each order you place you will earn 1 point for every £2 spent. When you use your points for purchases, 50 points will give you £1 off your order.

How do I spend my points?
Once you have earned some points you will get the option to use them for purchases when placing orders. The options are shown in your basket and checkout pages.

Do my points expire?
No, there is no use by date on points.

Are there any other ways to earn points?
Yes, from time to time we will be running double or triple points on certain purchases or Facebook competitions/promotions. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of these.

What about my previous orders and reviews?
All previous orders and reviews will earn you points, these will be automatically added to your account within a few days of the Reward Scheme Launch Date, 08/10/2018. If you have not created an account on our website but have placed orders previously, please create an account using the same details, send us an email to advise and we will add your points.

What if I collect in store?
You will still accrue points, as long as you have an account on our website we will add the points for you.

Are there any other rules?
Yes, to avoid people just adding lots of reviews to earn points, you must place at least one order with us. If we think someone is taking advantage we reserve the right to remove their points without notification or explanation. This is a rewards scheme designed to give a little back to those that are good enough to place their orders with us, please do not abuse it.

Any other questions?
Please feel free to Contact Us