Wax Planet Eight Below Snow Foam Concentrate

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Eight Below is a highly concentrated snow foam with a high Ph bringing high cleaning power. Effortlessly removes ingrained traffic film and other contaminants.

Please follow the dilution guide for safe use to avoid degrading any LSP.

Dilute 1:10 for heavy soiling.

Dilute 1:20 for routine washes.

Wax Planet Eight Below

9 reviews for Wax Planet Eight Below Snow Foam Concentrate

  1. GM Details (verified owner)

    It’s a higher PH foam which works at cleaning rather just softening the dirt on the paint, and it does this rather well!!. It holds the foam on the paint longer than most snowfoams, allowing the harder to reach areas to be cleansed, or just more bite to your cleaning routine, all helps as the more dirt you can remove contactless the safer the wash process will be.

  2. Jake Cheshire (verified owner)

    Brilliant snowfoam! You only need 50ml in the lance for maintenance washes to its very economical for a start. It cleans VERY well ready for your 2BM contact wash. I’ve seen a review on this and it out performed the highly suggested ‘BH Autofoam’ snowfoam. This is a winner snowfoam!

  3. patrickvennard (verified owner)

    I have seen mixed reviews for this however I think it is a very good product and will be buying in quantity in the future, I think its good VFM.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    I can only draw a comparison to the BH autofoam. However for me this matches it’s cleaning power whilst offering a longer dwell time. Very good foam

  5. patrickvennard (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase as promised, the dwell time and dilution ratios are its biggest advantage.

  6. jamie.hr

    Great snow foam for using over waxed cars does not deteriorate the wax at all, good thickness and clings well!

  7. WR07DAN (verified owner)

    Best snowfoam I’ve used. Will be buying in bigger size next time

  8. Khurram (verified owner)

    Great snowfoam and not alot is required to make it foam. Very good cleaning ability whilst maintaining a long dwell time. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. Ben (verified owner)

    If your looking for a thick foam with a long dwell time this is the one. Good cleaning power and great dilution ratios. Doesn’t smell great but still love using it. Seems to remove a lot of road film during the winter.

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