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Aura is our brand new Pure Shampoo formulated with high lubrication and foaming agents to make a slick highly effective and very affordable shampoo.

The extra lubrication makes this very effective at lifting contaminants from the vehicle

Dilution ratio 1/1000

Wax Planet Aura

3 reviews for Wax Planet Aura Pure Shampoo

  1. GM Details

    Introducing……. WAX PLANET – AURA SHAMPOO

    Brightest luminous green in colour and smelling amazing!!, this was the first impression immediately apparent on opening the sample bottle.

    So what is it?, don’t they already have a shampoo?, yes !!, they do indeed, this one is designed as a very cost effective shampoo which delivers fantastic cleaning results, designed for the user with profit per dilution in mind.

    With a 500ml bottle costing just £5, will it be any good?, no it’s not good, it’s brilliant. ?

    Why use this rather than Lava?, well only if you don’t like red , maybe green is your favourite colour?, cheapskate? ?
    Personally, I don’t think it’s as good as Lava, it’s thinner, weaker and ever so slightly less slick, but for valeting use, perfect for everyday use, cleans well and easy to rinse away.

    Aura is very similar to Infinity wax PURE, those who have tried it will possibly know what I mean with the suds being very fluffy and light.
    What makes Aura interesting is it’s colour and scent, also leaving zero residue or streaks.

    Being 1000-1 dilution if you’re bothered by that, puts it half as dilutable as Infinity wax pure, but that’s nearly double the cost so in my book, keeps it in the same league, even better if a colour and scent is important to you.

    Test was done with my test bootlid, heavily dusted by the recent rain , rinsed away before using just 2ml in 2L of water, easier to understand being 1000-1 as well, 5L = 5ml etc etc.
    Suds were quick to appear, the shampoo mixing easily and provided adequate cleaning power for the task at hand.
    Rinsing was effortless and zero residue was left behind.

    My thoughts are it’s marginally behind Lava as I said earlier but then it gains points for cost effectiveness so I’d say 4.5 out of 5 is a fair score

  2. Jake Cheshire (verified owner)

    Excellent shampoo! Very slick and very light and fluffy suds! Lovely shampoo indeed! £5 for 500ml and £25 for 5L is outstanding value for the quality of this product! Smells beautiful too! 10/10! Another great product from wax planet!

  3. billy.younger (verified owner)

    Great product. Luxurious shampoo with an amazing smell. Fantastic lubricity making the wash mitt glide over the paintwork. Great dilution rates making this very cost effective which is perfect for me as a valeter.

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