TENZI ProDetailing APC IN GT 700ml


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Professional all-purpose cleaning formula.

Cleans heavy organic dirt on interior surfaces like: textile, plastic, rubber, leather, wood, metal, carbon and leaves pleasant smell.

The product is ready to use. Spray it directly onto vacuumed surface, wait 15-20 seconds and brush it with soft brush (textile, leather, wood, plastic) or microfiber towel (metal, carbon, laminated parts). Then wipe it with wet microfibre cloth and dry with another one.

How to apply the product:

1.Spray the product onto vacuumed surface

2.Wait 15-20 seconds and brush it with soft brush (textile, leather, wood) or microfiber towel (metal, carbon).

3.Wipe it with wet microfibre cloth.

4.Dry the surface with towel.

Tenzi APC In


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