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Shinee Wax is a high-gloss wax exclusively used for quick spray to the vehicle paintwork as well as glass! Shinee Wax offers a quick glossy and smoothy surface and super easy and convenient to apply. Detailers can use Shinee Wax as a based coat for easier polishing surface. Shinee Wax can also provide a water repellency surface for a period of time, hence less contaminants can be bonded on the paint surface.


1.Wash vehicle and dry paintwork 
2.Spray Shinee Wax lightly on surface 
3.Wipe off with Microfiber towel 


Keep product out of reach from children. Wear suitable gloves. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice. Do not drink! If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show product container and label.
TAC System Shinee Wax

3 reviews for TAC Systems Shinee Wax

  1. patrickvennard (verified owner)

    This certainly provides gloss I have put in the top of Moonlight and it looks great. I have also put it on my wife’s waxed car with equally good results.

  2. deanlary (verified owner)

    Easy on,easy off and a brilliant shine

  3. Richard Lee (verified owner)

    Excellent product, I would say this is more of a spray wax than a quick detailer. Harder to get off but not too bad but really beads the water well and and lasts a long time. Highly recommended

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