TAC System Paintwork Cleaner 150ml


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Use: Minor abrasive to remove waxes or sealants prior to applying a fresh coat of wax/sealant/coating. It can also remove minor surface imperfections.
Size: 150ml

Paintwork Cleaner is a superfine friction type of pre-wax cleaner that prepares the paint before paintwork correction or protection. The purpose of the paintwork cleaner is to deep-clean the surface of the car from oxidation, contaminants, old car wax and other types of protective layers.

Paintwork cleaner also has the ability to minimize minor swirls and scratches and enhances the glossiness of the paint. After paintwork cleaner, the paint will be smooth, degreased and at its best conditions before paintwork correction or protection.

It is recommended to apply Ceramic Coat for direct protection.

Paintwork cleaner is to apply on the car after car wash when the car is wet, then apply a sufficient amount of Paintwork Cleaner on a sponge or Microfibre pad, and rub onto the paint surface. Rinse thoroughly, best with a pressure washer.

How to Use:
1) Thoroughly wash the car
2) While the car is still wet, apply Paintwork Cleaner to a microfibre pad and work into the surface
3) Rinse well with water

TAC System Paint Cleaner


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