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Fusso Coat F7 is a liquid sealant that is based on Fusso fluorine polymers. The product creates a shiny, amazingly hydrophobic coat on the car’s body. Included sponges are a major help in application, as by using them, you will be sure that the coating is smooth and even. A perfect alternative for those who live in a hurry but still want to have unparalleled protection of their car paint, as the liquid form means easier and quicker application. The product is durable for up to 7 months on regular maintenance.

Directions for use:
1. Prepare your vehicle by washing it thoroughly with pH neutral shampoo, drying and decontaminating the car paint using a clay bar, a cleaner or other products
2. Apply a small amount of product onto the included sponge
3. Spread the product on your car paint thinly and evenly, panel by panel, with cross movements
4. Wait for the sealant to dry on the surface, until white residue becomes visible
5. Polish the residue with a dry and clean microfiber cloth

Soft99 Fusso F7


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