Mixed Bed DI Resin 25L MB-151


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Indion mixed bed DI resin is a mixture of highly purified, super regenerated strong acid cation and strong base anion resins in a 40:60 volume ratio. It is recommended for any non-regenerable mixed bed applications where reliable production of the highest quality water is required, and where the resin must have an absolute minimum of ionic and non ionic contamination before it is used. Any pre-contamination in the resin is only reducing the amount of time you can use your resin for, so a higher quality resin will last you for longer. This mixed bed formulation is regarded in the pure water industry as the best performing mixed bed de-ionisation resin, consistently outlasts every other brand, pound for pound.

Indion mixed bed DI resin MB-151 is specially formulated for hard water areas. Regular resin (MB-115) would become a lot less effective very quickly, as the contaminants in the water would wear it out a lot faster. MB-151 meanwhile is designed to function correctly even with the worst possible water qualities. It can also be used in areas with good or average water qualities without fault.

How to fill and connect a mixed bed DI resin vessel

  1. Remove the resin vessel from its packaging.
  2. Apply 6-8 turns of PTFE sealing tape onto the thread of the fitting that is going to screw into the vessel head.
  3. Ensure that all required fittings are installed before proceeding.
  4. Unscrew the head from the resin vessel and pull upwards, you will notice that a plastic pipe is installed on the underside of the head.
  5. Using a funnel, pour the resin into the vessel so the resin is halfway up the vessel.
  6. Then tap the vessel down to compact the resin.
  7. Again, using a funnel, add more resin into the vessel into the resin is level with the “shoulder” of the vessel.
  8. Tap the vessel down again. (if the resin is not level with the “shoulder” of the vessel, then repeat steps 7-8 again until it is level).
  9. Remove any resin from the threads of the vessel.
  10. Next push the plastic pipe (that was removed during step 4) back into the vessel and screw the head back on the vessel body. Ensure that the plastic pipe is centered otherwise the head/lid will become cross-threaded and that the o ring is present on the head.
  11. Next, connect your inlet & outlet pipes to the vessel (ensuring to follow the flow direction or “in” & “out” on the vessel head).
  12. Turn the water supply to the vessel on and check for leaks.
  13. If there are leaks on the fittings, please tighten the fitting or remove the leaking part and repeat steps 2-3.
  14. The process is now complete.

Storage Instructions

Ion exchange resins require proper care at all times. Resins must never be allowed to become dry. Resins should therefore be always kept in the shade. Any exposure to atmospheric air must be avoided as this will convert it to carbonate form. Resin packaging should not be opened during storage.

Safety Instructions

Acid and Alkali solutions used for regeneration are corrosive and should be handled in a manner that will prevent eye and skin contact. If any oxidising agents are used, necessary safety precautions should be observed to avoid accidents and damage to the resin.

Vyair Resin MB-151


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