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Kwartz Wheels is a powerful, non acidic, highly concentrated wheel cleaner that is safe for all painted wheel finishes.

Coupled with some good detailing brushes, it can remove even the most stubborn built up dirt and grime to reveal a perfectly clean finish.

Not for use on polished or bare metal finishes.  Kwartz Wheels can also be used to clean tyres in preparation for tyre dressings.

How to Use

  • Kwartz Wheels can be diluted up to 20:1 however for general cleaning we recommend a dilution of 10:1 (Water:Product).
  • Spray Kwartz Wheel directly onto your wheels ensuring full and even coverage and allow to dwell for 30-40 seconds.
  • For very lightly soiled wheels you can pressure rinse off immediately without agitation however for moderate or heavier soiled wheels we recommend lightly agitating prior to thoroughly rinsing to help dislodge any stubborn dirt or grime.
Kwartz Wheels


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