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Kwartz Foam has been formulated to help remove as much built up dirt and grime as possible and in turn minimise the amount of swirls and scratches than can be introduced during the contact wash process.
Kwartz Foam, although Alkaline, is completely LSP safe and non caustic.

How to Use:
Dilutions can be varied depending on the level of soiling present, however we recommend a dilution ratio of 10:1 (Water:Product) in the foam lance/cannon bottle for general use.  For winter use, where higher levels of soiling are present, a dilution rate of 1:4 may be more suitable to produce a thicker, longer dwelling foam.
Once the product has been diluted correctly, spray directly onto the vehicle and allow approximately 5 minutes to dwell before rinsing with a high pressure jet wash.
We recommend following this process with Kwartz Wash for optimum results.

Kwartz Foam


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