HDD Road Rage Green Pre-Wash

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  • Economical
  • Effective Cleaning Power
  • Use Via Pump Sprayer or Foam Lance
  • Removes Bugs
  • LSP Safe

HDD Road Rage is a new formula alkaline non-caustic pre-wash for when you need that extra cleaning power while being very effective but at the same time remaining safe to all surfaces as well as LSP safe.

Road Rage can be used via a pump sprayer or a snow foam lance. Designed for multiple tasks, as a pre-wash, degreaser for engine bays, tyres, wheel arches and door shuts.

Road Rage also makes a very effective bug and insect remover.


Spray on, allow to dwell and rinse of with a pressure washer.

Dilution ratio:

Pump Sprayer 20:1 – 50:1

Snow Foam Lance 20:1 – 50:1

HDD Road Rage

4 reviews for HDD Road Rage Green Pre-Wash

  1. GM Details (verified owner)

    It’s taken me over a month of using HDD road rage to finally get to grips with it, and it’s not easy to give 4 stars but after using it today, deserves praise finally.
    Firstly I would say to totally ignore using it in a snow foam lance. It’s completely useless at any dilution!, sprays on, falls off just as quick, lands on floor cleaning tarmac, I’ve tried it at every dilution and it just doesn’t clean well at all, until today, I used it at 10-1 , not 20-1 as advertised but 10-1 from a 1L sprayer bottle,( I’ve yet to delve into the pump sprayer territory ) it did just what it was meant to, a very effective pre wash !
    Sprayed then left for 5 mins to dwell, it rinsed off very easily without streaking, leaving behind a panel which was I’d say around 80% cleaner than rinsing alone achieved.
    So pump spray or trigger spray. Use between 10-1 and 20-1 and you’ll love it!!

  2. Mark Kerr (verified owner)

    Used as a snowfoam at a dilution rate of about 15:1 (stronger than manufacturer’s recommendations but, based on other comments, I thought I’d start strong then wind back!) and I found it reasonably effective.

    Removed 90%+ of the dust and dirt and softened up bugs etc which were then easily enough removed with power washer. Not sure how good it would be at 50:1 though!

  3. WR07DAN (verified owner)

    I use it at 10-1 in a pump sprayer works well but find surfex hd just has more bite. Great price point

  4. Matthew Donnelly (verified owner)

    Really cost effective product used between 20:1 and 10:1 in a pump sprayer. Does remove traffic film and grime well and for the price it is really cost effective. Hasn’t had a noticeable effect on LSP either which is a bonus. Worth a try

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