HDD Graphene Quick Detailer


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HDD Graphene Quick Detailer is formulated on a single atom thick layer of graphene, this extends durability and slickness over a traditional quick detailing spray.

Ultra slickness to all painted surfaces and boosting gloss levels with a very easy application. HDD Graphene Quick Detailer will add some very impressive gloss levels, with Graphene essentially clear at an atomic level this allows a true reflection.

HDD Graphene Quick Detailer Features

  • Ultra Slickness
  • Increased Gloss Levels
  • Easy Application

Directions of Use

  • Spray Graphene Quick Detailer on to the panel or microfibre cloth.
  • spread for even coverage.
  • buff off with a secondary microfibre towel for a ultra slickness and high gloss finish.

Size: 500ml.

HDD Graphene Quick Detailer


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