HDD FOAMumental V2 Pre Wash/Snow Foam



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FOAMumental (Version.2) is a highly concentrated formula solely aimed and developed at cleaning power.

FOAMumental is an alkaline based snow foam that will tackle traffic film with specific cleaning agents to help emulsify grime and grease to help penetrate soiling.

FOAMumental is also ideal maintenance cleaner for ceramic coated vehicles where the coating may appear to be clogged up, simply apply FOAMumental and allow to dwell and rinse.

Can be used via a snow foam lance or via a pump sprayer for a truly amazing pre-wash.

Directions of use:

Apply your desired amount via a snow foam lance or pump sprayer and allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes then simply rinse with clean water.

Dilution Ratios:

VIA A SNOW FOAM LANCE: Apply anything from 25-100ml (of product) diluted with water via your lance.

VIA A PUMP SPRAYER: Heavy Soiled Areas: 10-1 – Medium Soiled Areas: 20-1 or 40-1 – Light Maintenance: 50-1 or 100-1

FOAMumental can also be used as a very effective tyre cleaner, arch cleaner & engine bay cleaner
HDD FOAMumental

1 review for HDD FOAMumental V2 Pre Wash/Snow Foam

  1. GM Details (verified owner)

    HDD FOAMumental snow foam isn’t the thick blanket of foam you’d see on Instagram, it’s milky, thin and at recommended dilutions, very weak too but WAIT!!

    Before you click away and look up another read on….
    I haven’t reviewed this because I thought it had potential to be more!!, I expected longer dwell times and stronger cleaning power from it so I increased the dilution from 100ml to 200ml and results are so much better but I’m not sure on how safe for the LSP that makes it ?
    As I don’t use a full 1L of snowfoam per car I use up to 500ml so I used a solution of 75ml to 425ml water and the lance twisted all the way to – it produced a nice even blanket of foam which had enough time to break down the layer of traffic grime left from Road Rage pre wash.
    So it’s 4 stars mainly because it’s so cheap, If the price was any dearer I’d have given it 3 stars as if used by the directions, I didn’t find it any good at all, so because it’s so inexpensive, you can increase the dilution without too many concerns you’re going to need another bottle soon ?

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