HDD BrakeThrough Wheel Shampoo

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HDD BrakeThrough is a dedicated Wheel Shampoo designed to be added to your Wheel Bucket and agitated with your wheel cleaning tools.

BrakeThrough is unlike traditional paint shampoo’s, it is developed with a higher strength of cleaning power and great degreasing properties for deep cleaning of wheels, scrubbing tyres prior to applying tyre dressings and great for degreasing wheel arches.


  • Great Cleaning Power for Heavy to Light soiling
  • Ideal for Protected & Sensitive Wheel Finish
  • Ideal for maintenance of protected and sensitive wheel finishes.
  • Dilution Ratio: 300-1 (25-50ml to 18L wheel bucket)
  • Can also be applied via a snow foam lance to wheels, tyres and arches to dwell & agitate.
HDD BrakeThrough

5 reviews for HDD BrakeThrough Wheel Shampoo

  1. Stuart Cameron (verified owner)

    This stuff is excellent and avoids the needs for multiple chemicals to clean your wheels and tyres. A little really does go a long way, a quick blast of the pressure washer in the bucket keeps the suds in plentiful supply ??

  2. GM Details (verified owner)

    First time using HDD and first time using a dedicated wheel shampoo and I’m blown away how good it works!!
    I used 30ml in a 20L bucket and the suds just kept coming!, even after 8 wheels cleaned, it showed a ph of around 6 when I diluted it so perfect for ceramic coated alloys and sensitive wheel faces like diamond cut or machined.
    I’ll now be using this every wheel cleaning day rather than ordinary shampoo!

  3. Jake Cheshire (verified owner)

    Brilliant wheel shampoo! I use this as wheel as using a wheel cleaner to aid in the cleaning and loads of lubrication for all of the brushes! Complements the process extremely well indeed. Smells lovely, too.

  4. MARK KERR (verified owner)

    Excellent wheel cleaner, I use this as part of my weekly maintenance wash and it is very effective at removing the usual wheel grime, brake dust etc. without the need for regular use of aggressive acid-based wheel cleaners.

    I use less than a cap full and roughly 3 quarters fill a 12l orange bucket (for example, one you might obtain from a particular DIY store for less than £1!) and do all four wheels – I’ve even done OH’s car with the same bucket with loss of performance… Highly recommended, excellent results and fantastic cost efficiency.

  5. Lewis (verified owner)

    Great product with good cleaning power and plenty of suds & lubrication. I use alternately with BH autowheels every other wash when a more aggressive clean isnt required. Definitely one of my staple products from now on.

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