Garage Therapy /ZERO: Decon Shampoo

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Product Info

Garage Therapy /ZERO: Decon Shampoo is a premium deep cleaning car shampoo that is super concentrated with advanced detergents, emulsifiers, and a lubrication system for optimal cleaning performance.

Utilising premium grade surfactants and high foaming action to intensively tackle traffic film, grease, and grime, Garage Therapy /ZERO: Decon Shampoo is the perfect start to any good decon process for your vehicle.

When to use Garage Therapy /ZERO: Decon Shampoo?

  1. When your car is really dirty.
  2. When you want to strip a car of old waxes and synthetic sealants.
  3. Restore clogged-up ceramic coatings. Used every quarter or twice a year will do the coatings a lot of good.

Can it strip protection?

Yes absolutely. It depends on a number of factors such as how fresh the protection is, the type, and its chemical resiliency. It may take slightly higher dilution ratios and multiple hits to strip the protection off fully.

Do professional detailers love this product?

You bet! we have received amazing feedback from industry professionals on just how effective Garage Therapy /ZERO: Decon Shampoo is.

During the decon process before paint correction, Garage Therapy /ZERO: Decon Shampoo will greatly aid the professional during the wash stage to get the paint as clean as possible before claying and polishing.

This deep cleanse will maximise a clay bar’s life which will also lead to an increased correction performance due to the paint surface being free of contaminants.

How To Use

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Fill your 4-5 gallon wash bucket with warm water. add 50ml for a deep cleansing wash or 65ml for a strong decon wash on heavily soiled vehicles.
  3. ​Pre-rinse the car to remove any loose dirt.
  4. Wash the vehicle out of direct sunlight, starting from the top, working your way down the vehicle. Do not apply onto hot surfaces and do not allow the product to dry on the surface.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.

​For Best Results

      1. ​For old wax and sealant removal, use a dilution of 50ml product to 400ml of warm water in the foam lance bottle.
      2. Mix thoroughly in the foam lance bottle and Spray onto the car at a high foaming setting.
      3. Allow to dwell for 4-5 minutes and do not allow to dry.
      4. Rinse off thoroughly.
      5. Wash vehicle with Garage Therapy /ZERO: Decontamination Shampoo and the two bucket wash method.

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8 reviews for Garage Therapy /ZERO: Decon Shampoo

  1. GM Details (verified owner)

    Zero decon shampoo is an incredibly slick and sudsy shampoo which will eliminate embedded contamination on ceramic coatings and well as unprotected clear coat.
    It will unclog a ceramic coating , refreshing the hydrophobic properties with ease of use.

    It can also be used to cleanse the clear coat of your car of old waxes and sealants to help prepare for new protection. It’s the best I’ve used to decontaminate and eradicate the previous protection , I’ve seen a dramatic reduction in tar build up as well as fallout removal while using this, it’s simply a product that should be in everyone’s detailing bag!!

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    Excellent Decon shampoo.

    It’s become a staple in my bag along with Megs wash +, between these 2, the exterior is left completely free of any existing coatings.

  3. jeremie (verified owner)

    Super strong, super versatile shampoo.
    I don’t use this as much as I should. I only tend to use this at the start of decon stages. It’s a great shampoo to use before a chemical decon and claying, it will remove light tar deposits too.

    When planning to renew or replace protection, you can use this as a normal shampoo a few washes before to knock back existing wax/sealant to make it a bit easier to remove before replacing.

    People use this at different ratios for a pre wash, to clean tyres, wheels, the list is endless.

    Great service from County too!

  4. Rob (verified owner)

    An essential for the decon process. Use through snow foam lance and bucket method for very thorough cleaning. Test the water behavior afterwards when rinsing and you’ll be impressed with how well it strips the old protection!

  5. Andy (verified owner)

    Impossible to find anything negative with this product. Super slick shampoo and so versatile. A key product in anyone’s tool box for prepping a car and decontaminating. Has the ability to remove most lsp that are on their final legs. Multiple ways to use and apply which is what makes this product so good.
    Ideal also a a prewash, wheel cleaner, APC and tyre cleaner amongst others.

  6. Eddie (verified owner)

    Incredibly versatile product. Use it through a lance, in your bucket or as an exterior APC.
    Brilliant when used to unclog ceramic coatings or just to strip off any existing LSP.
    Pleasant scent and plenty of subs.
    Another fantastic GT product.

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    Such a great product and massively underrated and under used.

    So many uses at different ratios to clean your vehicle in preparation for the next stages.

    Solid reliable product from a great company.

  8. RICHARD (verified owner)

    Very good cleaning shampoo,cuts through grime,first stage of a decon

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