Garage Therapy /ONE: Glass Cleaner

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Garage Therapy /ONE: Glass Cleaner is a premium robust glass cleaner that cleans windscreens, windows, and mirrors, for both exterior and interior glass surfaces.

Garage Therapy /ONE: Glass has been infused with a powerful functional blend of surfactants, to specifically target contaminants that commonly cause smearing such as sap, oils and grease.

The effect is that Garage Therapy /ONE: Glass quickly and efficiently cleans dirt, dust, fingerprints, sap, oil, grease, and much more from your glass surfaces.

This unique formulation offers superior cleaning performance, tackling the dirtiest of glass surfaces. Containing a premium blend of surfactants to deal with a wide variety of contaminants. It is the perfect solution for glass in both cold and hot climates.

Garage Therapy /ONE: Glass is our vision of the perfect streak free glass cleaner, without sacrificing user experience and performance.


  • Premium Quality
  • High Performance Surfactants
  • Streak Free, Efficient, Quick and Easy
  • Compatible with Glass and Plastic
  • Non-Abrasive Formulation


  1. Shake well before use. Do not work in full sunlight or spray directly onto hot glass
  2. Spray /ONE: Glass onto the contaminated surface, or to avoid overspray, spray directly on your preferred short pile glass cleaning towel
  3. Spread /ONE: Glass evenly over the surface to allow the surfactants to attack and emulsify the contaminants
  4. After 5-10 seconds, with a clean glass cloth, wipe away the residue to reveal a smear free, crystal-clear finish

For Best Results

  1. Use two premium glass cleaning towels. One for application and the other for wiping away the residue
  2. Change towels frequently once they are saturated with contaminants
  3. /ONE: Glass can be used for spot cleaning on bodywork for insects, tree sap, and bird droppings
  4. Clean your glass regularly to avoid contamination build up
  5. For deep cleaning, use /ONE: Decon shampoo during the wash phase to cleanse the glass
Garage Therapy Glass Cleaner

2 reviews for Garage Therapy /ONE: Glass Cleaner

  1. GM Details

    I love this glass cleaner!, it provides a fantastic working time before flashing off leaving a perfectly clean surface on glass and mirrors (obv the cloth plays a part too!)
    I’m not one for using a quick detailer for glass and much prefer a dedicated product designed for purpose and although many say ‘a glass cleaner is just a glass cleaner’ for this one, it simply is a level above the rest.
    To compare with a generic cheaper product I would possibly use 250ml cleaning glass around my cars interior and exterior, with the GT glass cleaner, it’s less than 50ml, and that’s being generous.
    Clarity of the glass is incredible and tests on the house glass make it look like the glass isn’t there at all!

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

    AS expected from GT the glass cleaner is top quality and streak free when used with the correct towel.

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