Detail Bug Magnetize Nano Wax 125ml


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Detail Bug Magnetize is a premium, hand poured Nano Wax.

Using the principles of a magnet, magnetize was born. The wax is given a positive charge through the use of cationic polymers which keeps it attracted to your cars paintwork (Negatively charged) whilst repelling dirt and dust (Positively charged)

A highly concentrated blend of T1 Grade Carnauba, synthetic waxes and nano cationic polymer technology make this wax one of the easiest waxes you’ll ever use. The wax offers a deep, glossy shine, some of the best hydrophobic water beading and sheeting properties you can get from a wax and excellent durability when applied and maintained to a fully prepared car.

Colour: Random

Fragrance: Random

This Nano Wax provides excellent value per tin.

125ml Standard tins will coat 15-30 cars

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    One of the best waxes I have used to date! Amazing gloss levels and water behaviour, and buffs off with ease

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