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Slicker than a Dolphin wearing Raybans, smoother than a triple Gillette blade and safer than James May doing doughnuts in a 3 wheeler. Bouncer’s shampoo is a high concentrate blend with no fillers or added foaming agents.

Bouncer’s Slick Mick Shampoo provides excellent cleaning ability and superb slickness across the paintwork. It is PH7 neutral so is product safe and wax safe. Used at a dilution rate of between 1-3 capfuls per 10 litre bucket (dependant on local water hardness) it offers outstanding value for money and falling in line with the brand offers the ‘famous’ ‘Fizz’ fragrance.


  • High concentrate blend
  • No fillers or added foaming agents.
  • PH7 neutral so is product safe and wax safe
  • Super Slick.
Bouncers Slick Mick


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