Bouncer’s Done & Dusted Si Edition 500ml


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Slicker than your average!!

Bouncers Done & Dusted Si Edition Detailer 500ml will add a protective, extremely slick coating to your vehicle and prevent the build-up of contaminants.

Si Edition contains a complex blend of synthetic Si02 based ingredients to enhance durability and wetting agents that boost the slickness feel on your vehicle to high levels. – Can be used as a standalone or over existing wax and coatings.


Spray lightly onto paintwork, glass or plastics. Use a microfibre to spread across panel, wait 5/10 seconds then turn cloth over and lightly, almost no pressure on the cloth, buff to a slick, gloss, protective finish. – Top up when required. Avoid getting wet for 2 hours after application. This product can be layered.

For best results spray lightly. This product is ready to use and does not require dilution.

500ml including sprayhead.

Bouncer's Done & Dusted Si


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