AutoGlanz Rebound Tyre & Rubber Cleaner

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Product Info

AutoGlanz Rebound Tyre & Rubber Cleaner is a specially formulated high foaming cleaner designed to remove discolouration and grime and add life back into tyres and rubber trims.

Rebound Tyre & Rubber Cleaner – How Too

  1. Rinse the tyre well ensuring the entire surface is wet.
  2. For a standard car wheel, use two sprays of Rebound covering as much of the tyre wall as possible (use more as needed for larger pickup/truck tyres).
  3. Wet your scrubbing brush with water and optionally an extra spray of Rebound.
  4. Scrub about a quarter of the wheel vigorously.
  5. Wet the brush with water again before scrubbing another quarter of the wheel.
  6. Repeat until the whole wheel has been scrubbed.
  7. Rinse with copious amounts of water to reveal a squeaky clean tyre.
  8. When dry, apply your chosen tyre dressing.

Take a look at our video on how to use AutoGlanz Rebound Tyre & Rubber Cleaner

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18 reviews for AutoGlanz Rebound Tyre & Rubber Cleaner

  1. GM Details

    Using APC to clean tyres?, going over and over them eventually getting them clean?, wasting too much time preparing rubber for coating?
    I find Rebound does everything in a single application , no matter how dirty the tyres, saving time, product and money, cost effective, productive and also works well diluting 5-1 for maintainence cleaning

  2. Jake Cheshire (verified owner)

    This product is simply incredible. I’ve always been skeptical about dedicated tyre cleaners thinking it was pointless when you can use a degreaser/APC instead – but I was wrong! This cleans the tyre perfectly in one application without the need to keep re-applying and scrubbing to get it clean in preparation for a tyre dressing. You can see the foaming action when you spray the product onto the tyre and can see it pulling out the grease/grime almost instantly! Spreads nicely and has great foaming action. Even better when you add some water to your tyre brush. I’ll certainly be sticking to this product for tyre cleaning! Amazing product from AutoGlanz!

  3. patrickvennard (verified owner)

    It does clean well and I am glad I have tried it, like Jake, I always been sceptical about dedicated tyre cleaners thinking it was pointless when you can use a APC instead. However, it cleans well and I like the gell like formula the trigger is a bit naff and I have decanted it to a Kwazar bottle for £12.95 I expect a better bottle!


    Great cleaner gets all the real stubborn dirt out your tyres! Makes them look new again

  5. Matt (verified owner)

    Brilliant product, I was using APC to clean the tyres but It was taking two or three attempts for the foam to stay white this does it in one!

  6. WR07DAN (verified owner)

    2 squirts on the tyre is all you need brilliant product

  7. Devon Hughes (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it says on the bottle, cleans your tyres and does a bloody good job of it. 2/3 squirts is all you need so a bottle will last you a long time. Put down the APC and get a product designed for the job, you won’t regret it.

  8. James Cooper

    This stuff is awesome cleans tyres really well but also cleaned the rubber mats in my van and they came up like new with almost no effort!

  9. jeremie

    I actually won some of this on County Detailings Facebook group, and it’s awesome.

    I used to use Surfex HD at 1:10, which works, but not as well as Rebound. The foam created by scrubbing rebound into a tyre is always more brown than using APC.

    It’s well priced, you use 2 squirts per tyre and cleans very well. Product I didn’t know I needed, that I now won’t be without.

  10. Khurram

    Brilliant product from auto glanz. No need for apc on rubber and tyres. This does the same job with less product.

  11. Ben (verified owner)

    Before using this product I was using wheel cleaner or APC mostly Surfex HD to clean my tyres, probably having to go over them with a stiff bristle brush a few times over to get them nice and clean. With this stuff a few sprays, a bit of agitation and they are squeaky clean first time round, really impressive.

  12. RICHARD (verified owner)

    top quality product,easy to use and gets them tyres clean

  13. Andy Percy (verified owner)

    Incredible cleaning power. Leaves 4 year old tyres looking very clean. Took 3 rounds to achieve but very impressive results. Used all 500ml to do 4 tyres so not the best value but certainly does the job so with good maintenance should only need to use this once a year after winter.

  14. Andy (verified owner)

    A fantastic product that does exactly as intended. No gimmicks here. A few squirts around the tyre and then work in with a tyre brush. It will extract all the dirt and leave the tyre ready for a dressing. Absolute must for your kit

  15. Daniel (verified owner)

    A excellent product that does exactly what it needs to do, clean tyres, a small amount also goes a long way.

  16. Double Fox Detailing (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Just a couple of squirts and a wet tyre brush and it just pulls the dirt out with no need for a second coat. Just ordered more. A+

  17. Matthew Donnelly (verified owner)

    4 sprays per tyre, divided into quarters. Keep your tyre brush wet and watch the dirt dissolve in front of you. I tend to apply 1 spray per each quarter of tyre, scrub 1 quarter with a wet brush and rinse your brush after each quarter. The white foam instantly turns brown as the dirt is removed with ease and you’re left with a clean tyre ready to dress. Game changing product

  18. Patrick (verified owner)

    I liked it so much I have bought five litres!

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