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When carrying out any detailing routine there is one product that you simply can not be without, a high quality All Purpose Cleaner. That one product that can be highly diluted to help you with any cleaning task, complementing high cleaning power with value for money making it the perfect car interior cleaner. Whether you’re a pro, detailing vehicles day in day out or a weekend hobbyist, Autoglanz Infinite is a must have for any detailing bag. Boasting a wide range of cleaning ability Infinite is perfect for interior cleaning such as; carpet cleaning, fabric cleaning, rubber and plastic trim cleaning and external cleaning such as; engine cleaning, door jams, wheel arches, tyres and even convertible hoods. Autoglanz Infinite is a true High Concentrate All Purpose Cleaner and excellent interior cleaner for cars.

Car Interior Cleaner

Autoglanz Infinite is versatile, super concentrated & non-caustic All Purpose Cleaner that is safe to use on a variety of surfaces including delicate alloys. For use in heavy degreasing of engine bays or heavy stains, Infinite All Purpose Cleaner can be diluted up to 10:1, light soiling of hard plastic and fabric interior trims can be diluted as high as 200:1 whilst still retaining the excellent cleaning power.

AutoGlanz Infinite

1 review for AutoGlanz Infinite All Purpose Cleaner

  1. Hakim

    I love this stuff was one of the first apc i ever bought i use it at 160:1 for general wipe downs and 50:1 for seats carpeyand exterior also makes a good pre wash iv also used it at 20:1 as a wheel cleaner works very well

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