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AutoGlanz FabriClean is a powerful yet delicate upholstery cleaner and stain remover that can be used to remove dirt, grime, and water marks from fabrics in your vehicle and home.

FabriClean has been worked on for some time. As you know, we take pride in ensuring our product range offers something unique to our customers. If we feel there is a better way to make a product have more use to our customers then we always strive to develop.

FabriClean is no exception to this rule. General APC tends to always be formulated using heavy, cheap surfactant blends. These blends are brilliant at cleaning, thus perfect for an APC but they have one drawback! They are “sticky” or charged on a molecular level. This charge attaches to fibres on the fabric you are cleaning and makes the surface much more susceptible to soiling once dry. So in short, an APC can actually, over time make the fabric dirtier.

This is not an issue if you have the ability to swill the APC off the surface you are cleaning with water, however, with fabric and delicate upholstery, this is less than ideal as it is not best practice to soak some fabrics in water! So what do we do….

We formulate a product from the ground up specifically designed to work on delicate upholstery. To achieve this we start off with a biodegradable, neutral primary surfactant. This surfactant gives us the base to work from that will not degrade the surface we intend to care for. We then select multiple secondary surfactants that work alongside our base. These secondary surfactants are functional groups, all having different roles within the formulation to achieve a perfect clean surface that is not “sticky”. The result is a well-tuned, finished product, ready for the market.

For Light Soiling

  1. Spray a small amount onto a clean microfibre cloth
  2. Gently wipe the soiled area in one direction (do not scrub)
  3. Wipe clean with a second clean microfibre cloth

For Heavy Soiling

  1. Spray sparingly directly onto the soiled area and allow to dwell
  2. Agitate the cleaner with a clean microfibre cloth or brush
  3. Use a clean, dry, microfibre cloth to pat dry the surface
  4. If required, use a wet vac to remove any remaining liquid
AutoGlanz FabriClean

2 reviews for AutoGlanz FabriClean Fabric Cleaner

  1. GM Details

    FabriClean was named on what it does best of all. Cleans fabric very well indeed!
    It can be used RTU of diluted 10-1 for light soiling and is excellent in a wet vac extraction as well , the only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is the price!
    I understand it has taken a long time to develop and it is excellent at what it does but I recently cleaned the seats on a 14 yr old Ford C Max and it used the entire bottle!, granted the seats needed that strength and I wouldn’t want to use an APC as some use cheap caustic ingredients just not suitable for upholstery really.
    But there are some really good cleaners from eg Koch Chemie which would do the job just as good, whether it would stay cleaner for longer using something else I don’t know.

    But I did like using it. It was perfect for my needs and worked very well indeed.
    The customer was also shocked at how clean the seats were now compared to before.
    As an enthusiast I think it’s a great product to have to tackle water stains , spills, sticky sweet residue.,Chocolate you name , it cleans it !!

  2. James cooper

    You need to try this stuff to believe it. Removes dirt and stains with little effort.
    Carries a nice clean and fresh scent also.
    I used it to remove water marks on a seat which I simply sprayed the fabriclean on and then vacuumed over with a brush attachment and the mark was gone.
    Theres also no need for harsh scrubbing it simply require gentle rubbing with a clean microfibre cloth

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