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AutoGlanz Blood Tonic is an advanced, reactive gel based fallout remover formula that specifically targets only the outer rusty shell of bonded ferrous particles and works at safely dissolving the contaminant to release it from the surface so it can be swilled away with regular wash routine in a safe manner.

AutoGlanz Blood Tonic is suitable for use on all exterior surfaces including, paintwork, aluminium, stainless steel, magnesium, chrome, anodised finishes, glass, plastic trims and even rubber. When used in its neat form, Blood Tonics added blend of degreasing agents also helps to loosen everyday grime making it a brilliant single stage wheel cleaner.

Bleeding Reactive Iron Fallout Remover, the hottest and most visually pleasing product to grace the detailing community in recent years. Ferrous contamination causes a major problem in the world of detailing, tiny particles of iron fallout (commonly seen from industrial/rail fallout and brake dust) are deposited on your vehicle and become embedded into the delicate surface. These small iron particles become bonded to the surface, slowly corroding and can prove difficult to remove with normal cleaning, this has a visual effect if left to build up and can cause damage to the surface itself in extreme cases.

AutoGlanz Blood Tonic also has the added benefit of being LSP/wax safe, when diluted 3:1 with water, the mixture will go a long way towards keeping the build up of fallout at bay, if used on a more regular bases, this 3:1 dilution makes Blood Tonic one of the most cost effective fallout removers on the market today.

Traditionally a bleeding reactive iron fallout remover tends to naturally have a rotten smell due to the nature of the chemical formula, we have added a cranberry fragrance to Blood Tonic which helps mask the naturally occurring odour and improve your user experience.

AutoGlanz Blood Tonic

2 reviews for AutoGlanz Blood Tonic Iron Fallout Remover

  1. GM Details

    When it comes to fallout removers they’re all pretty much the same but Blood Tonic is a concentrated gel like product that works in 2 ways.
    Using it straight out the bottle I found it a little difficult to spray being quite thick and was a little difficult to have a consistent, even coverage on the panels, which led to the product drying quicker than expected. In its thickest form I found the fallout ‘bleed’ to be less than other brands but after speaking to Autoglanz they confirmed that although it may appear not to ‘bleed’ on a dark car, the reaction would have almost certainly taken place.

    The second, and best way, in my opinion, is to dilute this 3-1 with deionised water, it was a lot easier to spray, had the desired coverage and ‘bleeding’ effect was more prominent somehow. Definetly a unique selling point for this product.
    Using it this way has the added bonus of giving you 3 times the product for the price of 1.

    No residue was left behind either way you use it , rinsing away no problem.


    Amazing the fact you can dilute this product!

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