AutoGlanz Alkalloy Concentrated Alloy Wheel Cleaner



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The non-caustic properties of AutoGlanz Alkalloy mean that it is safe to use on almost all wheel finishes, and is safe to use on bare aluminium at the suggested dilution rates. Even though Alkalloy is non caustic, it does not lack in cleaning power.

It’s super strength formula ensures you are receiving the same results as a caustic equivalent wheel cleaner but the safety of being non caustic. The high foaming properties within AutoGlanz Alkalloy will help to lift stubborn residue and safely carries the dirt and grime off the wheel, leaving you to just swill off any residue left behind with a steady flow of water.

There is nothing worse than your wheels being caked in hard to remove brake dust, so here at AutoGlanz Alkalloy we decided to do something about it. Alkalloy is a non-acidic and non-caustic, super strength wheel cleaning concentrate.

Its aim is to help remove the hard to shift brake dust and grime with ease while still being safe on the delicate painted surface of your wheels.

AutoGlanz Alkalloy has been specially formulated with a high concentration blend of mild alkaline additives, cleaners and surfactants which work together to ensure road grime and brake dust will be dissolved and lifted away from the surface of the wheels in a safe manor in no time at all.

AutoGlanz Alkalloy is not just for use on heavily soiled wheels. If you just require a little bit of assistance with removing light soiling or if your wheels are sealed with a wheel sealant, then you can dilute it up to 20:1 with water.

AutoGlanz Alkalloy is the perfect wheel cleaner for all levels of soiling. If you’re a professional detailer needing the very best from your products at an affordable price or just someone that likes the keep your vehicle looking clean, we guarantee you will enjoy using AutoGlanz Alkalloy on your prized wheels.


  • Non-Caustic
  • High Strength
  • Dilute up to 20:1
  • Safe on most wheel finishes
AutoGlanz Alkalloy

3 reviews for AutoGlanz Alkalloy Concentrated Alloy Wheel Cleaner

  1. Hakim

    This was the first wheel cleaner I bought and one of the best i have used i use it at 10:1 really good with its cleaning piwer used it on my grandads car shifted over a years worth of brake dust its high foaming as well when you spray it literally starts melting the brake dust off 10/10

  2. GM Details

    Very powerful and economical to use, safe on bare metals inc aluminium which other brands stain.
    Foams up very well which helps prevent damage by the cleaning process.


    Very good value for money amazing dilution ratios from AG once again

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