Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant 250ml


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Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant is yet another beautifully crafted formulation straight from the Angelwax laboratory.

Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant is a unique Titanium based spray sealant designed to be applied after polishing to create a tough durable seal on which to apply a wax coating.

The chemical composition of Ti-22 makes this a simple yet brilliant formulation due to the nature of its key component, Titanium. Titanium is a natural element that has a low density with excellent resistance to corrosion and acid, making this sealant the perfect way to protect your paintwork from everything the planet has to throw at it!

Directions: For best results, wash, rinse and dry the vehicle thoroughly.

After polishing the vehicle, apply Angelwax Ti-22 to cool bodywork using a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant is a ‘spray on’, ‘wipe off’ formulation and should be removed straight after application.

Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant can also be used after waxing if you so desire.

Top Tip: After sealing the paint surface with Angelwax Ti-22, apply a coat of wax from the Angelwax detailing range for increased protection and an outstanding finish.

Angelwax Ti-22

1 review for Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant 250ml

  1. Denis Weale (verified owner)

    Angelwax are ploughing their own furrow here, I’ve not seen anyone else tout Titanium as a detailing ingredient, a hard, grey,  light weight metal!  T-22 looks like vodka so seemed unlikely to hide any sins! As with any sealant it is all about durability. It goes a long way, I could return the bottle as unused I recon! From the finish it seems to fill fine mars, applied easily and removed easily after ‘brief flash’ period and I think a subjective jump in gloss even after the Redemption polish. If it is durable as they say 5*. It will be interesting to see how it responds to reapplication after waxing.

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