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AM Hybrid Shampoo is a maintenance shampoo designed to maintain AM Hybrid Sealant and your favourite ceramic coatings.

Our low foaming, highly lubricated formula is designed to build a nanohybrid ceramic layer with every wash. It’s great for maintaining AM Hybrid Sealant, your favourite wax and ceramic coated surfaces.


For regularly maintained and washed vehicles 20-30ml to a standard 20L wash bucket. We advise 40ml+ and a thorough rinse down for vehicles maintained less frequently.

Detailing Tip

To make sure you get the right dilution, fill your bucket with water first then add AM Hybrid Shampoo. Give it a quick blast with your hose or pressure washer to create your Hybrid suds.

key Benefits

  • Helps to keep AM Hybrid Sealant at PEAK performance
  • Highly Lubricated for safer washing
  • Leaves hybrid polymer ceramic elements behind, building a protection layer with every wash.

What Alan say’s about AM Hybrid Shampoo – Hybrid Polymer Ceramic Shampoo.

AM Hybrid Shampoo is the perfect partner to maintain AM Hybrid Sealant and your favourite ceramic coatings. Its highly lubricated which means is will keep your wash mitt gliding over the surface and provide a safe barrier during washing. Many shampoos can’t resist the hydrophobic effects of ceramics and they fail to lubricate your wash mitt. But as AM Hybrid Shampoo leaves its lubricated solution on the surface of your paintwork it also helps to build and repair the Technology used in AM Hybrid Sealant. This helps to keep AM Hybrid Sealant in peak performance and that JUST APPLIED Feeling.

It also works well with your favourite ceramic coating using the same gliding technology to support your mitt and allow it to safely move over the surface on a film of cleaning power. make sure to thoroughly rinse down after use.

One thing we couldn’t do is ram this one full of our favourite AMDetails Scents.. The technology involved just rejects the Oils in our scents. So we have managed to find a present scent which uses a technology that works in harmony with AM Hybrid Polymer Ceramics.

AM Details Hybrid Shampoo


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