AM Details Fine Abrasive Soft Clay Bar 200g


AM Clay is a soft, white, 200g clay bar.

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AM Details AM Clay

AM Clay is a soft, white, 200g clay bar which will remove any contamination that is left on your paintwork after cleaning. This easy to use bar will remove ingrained dirt without marring.


Prepare your vehicle by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces you wish to clay. Break the AMDetails 200g bar into four manageable 50g pieces. Generously apply a clay lubricant of your choice onto the surface, although with AM Clay water works just fine as a lubricant! Using a gentle back and forth motion, rub the clay bar on the surface of your vehicle. Regularly check the clay bar for progress and fold it to reveal a new clean surface to work with. Continue these processes until all surfaces are smooth to the touch or no contamination is visible on the clay bar.

Place back in the plastic storage box for future use.

Detailing Tips:

The warmer the clay bar, the easier to mould, use your hands to warm it up first.

Once you have used your clay bar, don’t throw it away, you can downgrade it first to other parts of your vehicle such as wheels or glass.

2 reviews for AM Details Fine Abrasive Soft Clay Bar 200g

  1. patrickvennard (verified owner)

    It’s a good clay bar very similar to the B&H range which is slightly cheaper. You can use it with water only avoiding the need to use ONR or a clay lube.


    Good clay bar similar to bh as said above, removes most contamination

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