Car Washing

We have an extensive range of products to aid in the car washing process. Take a look at our range of All Purpose Cleaners, Pre-Washes, Rinseless & Waterless Wash or Shampoos.

Car washing can include one, or all of the following stages, pre-wash, snow foams, car shampoos, waterless car wash, and possibly the use of an all-purpose cleaner. We stock a wide range of car wash products to ensure you have what you need to safely clean your car.

Safe car washing techniques are essential for keeping your vehicle as swirl-free as possible. Using a pre-wash or snow foam can greatly help with this, as well as adopting the two bucket wash method.

A pre-wash can come in many forms, for example, a citrus pre-wash, a traffic film remover, or TFR and snow foams. All of these pre-wash products can be applied with a snow foam lance, a handheld foamer, or a pump sprayer. The purpose of a pre-wash is to soften, loosen and remove as much dirt and grime as possible, before a car shampoo contact wash.

Car washing shampoo can include additives, or just be a pure pH shampoo. Modern pure shampoos are designed to reset the surface of your vehicle, removing any dirt particles that remain from the pre-wash stage, bringing the properties of your LSP or Last Step Product back to life.

Some shampoos contain protection, specifically designed to enhance ceramic coatings or decontamination shampoos that can remove failing protection, as well as the highly regarded wash & wax type that adds a small amount of carnauba protection to the surface.

When you don’t have access to a hose, waterless wash products are great for wiping down or washing your vehicle. The level of dirt on your vehicle is the main factor in whether or not to use a waterless wash product.

In the summer months, rinseless wash products are very popular because vehicles don’t attract as much dirt. If you can’t get access to a hose, rinseless wash is a good option. A bucket of water, a special sponge or a few microfibers are soaked in a bucket of rinseless wash product, then applied to the vehicle carefully, followed by the use of a suitable drying towel.

At County Detailing Supplies we have 100’s of car cleaning products, enabling you to safely wash your vehicle. Stocking all your favourite brands.

We also have a great selection of accessories to aid in the car washing process, from buckets and mitts to drying towels and blow dryers, all the car washing equipment you might need.