Air Freshener

A great way to keep your vehicle smelling fresh after spending hours cleaning your interior is by using car air fresheners. A blast, mist, vent mount, cup holder, or hanging air freshener can be used to mask unwanted odours and bad smells with a subtle, pleasant scent.

Air fresheners for cars were originally made from essential oils that would be used in small amounts in perfume blends. The first car air freshening products were introduced by Teflon Products Company. Air fresheners were added to vehicles in 1957 as standard equipment.

More than 100 different kinds of auto deodorizers are sold today. Some of the most popular fragrances are bubblegum, vanilla, lemongrass, cinnamon, and grapefruit. Some air fresheners are also antibacterial or enzymic designed to remove the route cause of the unpleasant smells or foul odours.

The use of natural ingredients has increased in the last few years. These air fresheners use less harmful toxins and can help you avoid problems associated with synthetic fragrances. They can even reduce allergies caused by certain smells.

There are many benefits to using natural air fresheners over traditional ones. They are less likely to cause skin irritation if accidentally sprayed on clothing. Most of the natural options are safe for kids and pets. In addition, they tend to last longer!

Types of Air Freshener

  • Cup Holder – as the name suggests, these sit neatly in the cup holder of your vehicle. They tend to be low profile with a flat top so the cup holder can still be used.
  • Hanging – possibly the most cost-effective and subsequently the most commonly found in vehicles. They are normally threaded with a length of elastic, allowing the user to hang the product from a rearview mirror or grab rail.
  • Air Vent Mount – these have a clip, normally made from plastic, that enables them to be securely clipped onto most vehicle air vents.
  • Blast Can – fairly new technology allows highly compressed air to be evacuated from a canister. Older versions of this would have used CFCs and would be cold to touch in use, possibly causing discomfort. Today this is not the case.
  • Mist Spray – this describes any and all non-propelled spray bottles, from small pump spray 30ml up to 500ml trigger spray receptacles.

There are many popular scents in our range of air fresheners, from the staple Lemon, Banana, and Cherry to the more exotic Savore, Azul, or Pina Colada.

With brands like AutoGlanz, Designer Fragrances, AM Details, Chemical Guys, Angelwax, and more. Whatever your preference, you can be sure that we have a scent for you.