Iron Fallout Remover

Iron Fallout Remover is a product used in the decontamination process of car detailing. Its primary use is to chemically loosen iron oxide particles from the exterior surfaces of a vehicle so that they can be washed away safely.

Often referred to as a bleeding fallout remover, they are generally a pH neutral formula that turns a deep red or purple when reacting with iron contaminants, giving a clear indication that a chemical reaction has occurred.

The best way to see this reaction is to apply an iron remover to your wheels. As the majority of iron contaminates are caused by brake dust, a dirty wheel can often show the most dramatic effect.

We are often asked if this type of product can be used as an effective wheel cleaner? We say they can and they are by their very nature, good at it. The only negative to using a fallout remover as a wheel cleaner is the cost, as a standard wheel cleaner will generally be concentrated and thus be more cost-effective. Whereas an iron remover will contain more expensive chemicals.

There is one thing that professional detailers, enthusiasts and everyone in between can agree on, the iron remover smell! Some manufacturers try to disguise it, with limited success, if you have a sensitive nose and you want to remove the bonded contaminants from your vehicle, please, invest in a peg.